Why Are The La Partage And En Prison Rules Beneficial To The Player?

Having studied the statistics of gambling establishments, it is safe to say that roulette is currently the leader in popularity in modern gambling establishments. Indeed, this game has been popular with players from all over the world for decades. During its existence, this game has acquired a lot of features, which we will talk about in this article.

About History

A bit of history – when roulette just came to the United States, local players were offered a surprisingly unprofitable option – not only was the field cut (numbers from 1 to 28), but also there were, in fact, three zero sectors – 0, 00 and a sector with the image of an eagle. Later, in order to attract new players, the heads were removed from the roulette wheel and numbers up to 36 were added, but the second zero in the classic American roulette did not go anywhere.

French Roulette Rules

In Europe, where competition forced the owners of gambling establishments to make special offers to gamblers, several varieties of roulette appeared that had additional rules – we are talking about En Prison and La Partage. Today, this type of roulette is called French, and other differences from the classic European game are small.

So, the aforementioned French roulette rules are used when playing at equal chances (in case of zero). So, users who made a bet on high and low numbers, as well as black and red, or even or odd, can claim some kind of compensation from the casino, which, however, does not apply to internal bets.


Let’s start with La Partage. If you are playing French roulette and the ball stops in the zero sector, in this case the bets that were placed on equal chances will lose. However, the gambling establishment does not assign all the player’s chips – half of the bets are returned to the client. Thus, from the initial 2.7%, the advantage of gambling establishments is 1.35%.

A Few Words About The En Prison Rule

This is a more complex rule. In the event of a zero, the dealer places special markers for each bet, which is done on equal chances. It is curious that literally En Prison translates as “in prison”. Dealers are saved until the next spin. If this time the bet is winning, the player will get back the money he lost.

To an unsophisticated eye, the rule is much more profitable than La Partage, but, as practice shows, the mathematical advantage of the casino is completely the same and reaches 1.35%. Particular attention should be paid to a situation where zero drops out again 2 times in a row. Thus, if the ball is re-frozen in the green sector, then the En Prison bet obeys the rules of the casino – it can lose, win, or remain in the given position.

French Roulette Betting Systems

Basically, it doesn’t really matter whether you skate at equal chances, betting in random order, or playing in a certain progression. No betting system will allow you to overcome the advantage of a gambling establishment (1.35% is the maximum that you can count on).